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Top 10 Reasons to Use Our Registered Office Address Service

TOP 10 REASONS TO USE OUR REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS SERVICE   One of the most common questions we get asked is Do We Need A Registered Office Address Service or can we simply use our own address?.  The simple answer is no, you can absolutely use your own personal...

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Top 10 Reasons for using a Returns Address Service

If you’re an online retailer trading on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or any other online marketplace then the chances are that you’ll need an address to manage your customer returns. Our Returns address service is quick and easy to set up and comes with access to one of our...

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Registered Office Address Services

Registered Office Address Services You are required to provide a formal registered office address for your company as part of your registration with Companies House. Why Do I Need a Registered Address? The registered address is the address where all formal company...

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What Is the Future of Remote Work After COVID?

Even though the concept of remote work has been around for a while, it was still relatively new pre-pandemic, but it was often frowned upon. Employers feared that working remotely would jeopardise their supervision and lead to a lack of productivity. Telecommuting was...

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What is a Virtual Business Address?

Learn more about what a virtual business address is and how it can help make your business easier to run.  Checkout the useful guide from My Mailbox Services. So …. What is a virtual address? If you’re looking into starting up a new business – or making significant...

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How Virtual Mailboxes Help in the Work From Home Era

While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Covid19 pandemic, access to work mail is still a necessity for a lot of people, especially those who work from home and need their mail more than ever. If you are looking to change mailing address and effectively...

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What ID Do I Need to Provide?

What ID Do I Need to Provide? Your service can not be activated until all ID and Proof of Address documents have been verified. Your account will not be active until we receive and successfully verify your documents. Therefore, you should not start to use your virtual...

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Why you need a Virtual Mailbox

Many businesses no longer need to have a physical office location. Whether you like it or not, remote work is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend, forcing nearly many of us to work remotely. This has driven many organizations to re-evaluate the...

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